Museum Update – November 2018

Just a quick update on some of the work the Breakers are doing on the Museum grounds this fall while we are closed.  Over the years we have had a number of buggies, wagons and other farm implements donated and they have been parked in the yard behind Homer’s Shed. This previously cluttered ‘back 40’ area has received some badly needed attention, and all of the buggies, many of which have stood in the weather for years, are now sheltered in the pole barn and are receiving some badly overdue attention. The large wheeled wagons, which in some instances have been standing in isolation and crumbling, have now been moved together in an orderly row and are parked perpendicular to the back wall of Homer’s shed. Even the water wagon, which had stood alone in the same spot for 26 years, rolled into position without any difficulties.

Breakers moving the Water Wagon behind Homer’s Shed


The latest changes to the “Back 40”. Wagons behind Homer’s Shed

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Memories of a One Room School

Memories of life in a one-room schoolhouse are preserved on video to provide a firsthand glimpse into the past.  Ten longtime community members who attended one-room schoolhouses in Far East County shared stories of friendship, learning, and strict discipline of the teacher.


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