Opening Day at the Museum

April 1, 2017        1:00 – 4:00 pm

            Opening Day is a special event every year, but this year will be extra special because it will mark the opening of the new Resource Center!

This family-focused day will feature fun activities for all ages:Family watching machine

  • Listen to music  by the Brentwood Community Band
  • Tour the Byer/Nail House and Homer’s Toolshed
  • Experience a lesson in the Eden Plain School
  • See restored vehicles and farm equipment
  • Browse pictures from yester-year

Add a few stitches to the quilt being quilted and view the display of family heirloom quilts in the show

‘Family Quilts~ Community Heritage’ Kids panning for goldDresden Quilt


Kids can play games from 1800’s, milk Bessie, the cow,  pan for gold, and crank home-made ice cream.


Dedication of the new Resource Center  1:45 – 2:15

Come with your family and friends, buy a hot dog lunch and enjoy an old-fashioned day at the museum!

New Resource Center Is Opening

Moving boxes into buildingThousands of documents, photographs, books, maps, binders, genealogical histories, newspapers and other memorabilia that members of ECCHS has collected over the last 46 years to preserve our local history are moving to the new Resource Center that will be dedicated during Opening Day on April 1st.

Historian Kathy Leighton and her dedicated Monday night crew (which includes Maggie Northcut, Roseanne Yanes, Que Sala, Steve Verduzco,and Doreen Forlow) have been sorting, boxing, cataloging, and readying all of the memorabilia that has been housed in a small trailer since 1999.

Fifteen years in planning and fundraising efforts have made this building possible, but it would not have taken physical form without the dedicated group of ‘Breakers’ who undertook the task of much of the construction, saving $50,000 in labor costs.  This dedicated group include Construction Superintendent Kathy Bushman (who “beat the bushes” for the lowest bids on material and outside labor), the Construction Manager Norm Ruddick who supervised volunteers including Clyde Allen, John Bushman, Bob Byer, Dave Donaldson, Chuck Hunter, Tim Karlberg, Mar Knittel, Dennis Nunn, Loren Robinson, Joe Senn, Tom Snyder, Bruce Watkins and others.


Memories of a One Room School

Memories of life in a one-room schoolhouse are preserved on video to provide a firsthand glimpse into the past.  Ten longtime community members who attended one-room schoolhouses in Far East County shared stories of friendship, learning, and strict discipline of the teacher.


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