2016 Annual Barbecue September 11, 2016

Join us on Sunday, September 11, 2016 for our Annual Barbecue

In addition to serving up a wonderful tri-tip meal with all the fixings and the good fellowship and conversations which come from longtime friends gathering together, there will be a special treat served up at the ECCHS Annual Barbecue this year. Attendees will be treated to the sight of the new Resource Center which is now under construction. A long-time dream, when completed this new facility will replace the half-century old mobile home which has served that function for many years. The new facility will provide a comfortable environment in which members of the public will be able to explore a vast collection of research material relevant to the history of Brentwood and much of East Contra Costa County. Other than the foundation of poured concrete, most of the construction labor will be provided at no cost by the Breakers, a group of local volunteers who have been the workforce involved in restoring the one room schoolhouse, the Byron Fire Truck, the Byron Hot Springs wagonette, several tractors, and the Model T trucks at the museum. Some of the Breakers, as well as a number of local volunteers both men and women, serve as docents at the museum. Together they host over 1500 third grade students and their teachers each year at the museum as well as greeting members of the public on weekends throughout the summer. The ECCHS is always looking for volunteers, and if you have interest in becoming involved please click Here.

Memories of a One Room School

Memories of life in a one-room schoolhouse are preserved on video to provide a firsthand glimpse into the past.  Ten longtime community members who attended one-room schoolhouses in Far East County shared stories of friendship, learning, and strict discipline of the teacher.


Local History Comes Alive!

article1-1The grounds of the ECCHS Museum are alive with the sound of children each Fall and Spring as third graders travel back in time to learn the history of their local area.  Morning tours of the Byer-Nail House, Toolshed, and Grounds give them good background information for an afternoon of activities as they do Chores, play Games, and attend School as they would have done in 1888.


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